Get ready to build much sooner than you think.

From planning, to excavation, to material processing -
getting bare Earth build ready is a massive job.


BC Earth Exchange has the experience and equipment to turn your green site into ready-to-build land. Whether it’s grubbing and stumping a felled area or grinding wood waste for compost, stripping topsoil for stockpiling or offsite disposal – we got you covered.

We’re also experienced with invasive species and can give you options for onsite treatment or offsite disposal. Any historic soil contamination can be segregated, excavated, and responsibly disposed of at a permitted site.


Need your site excavated and levelled? You came to the right place. We’ve completed cut and fills on sites from 1 to 100 acres. With the latest tools and tracking software and well maintained late model equipment, we complete you project on time and on budget. 

Whether its weighing materials as they are excavated, transporting materials onsite, spreading materials with 3d grade control, compacting or aggregate capping – we do it all. We’ll also install site access, ditch for drainage, silt fencing, ponds and other ESC measures.


With decades of experience within our management team and millions of cubic meters of soil moved, BC Earth Exchange have the experience to manage any size, scope or complexity of site. We take care of management and beyond, including design work, finish work and oversight. 

Whether you have your own permitted site already operating and just need help finding the material to fill it, or you have a multi phase, multi year project, we are here to help. Got a property that needs low points filled? We can work with you from permitting to seeding the finished site and every step in between. We’ll also provide management services like tracking, invoicing, collecting and cash flow management.


BC Earth Exchange have a range of well maintained excavation and placement equipment ready to tackle any scope of project. We cover contract work like demolitions, clearing, environmental remediation, site closures, reclamations and earthmoving. 

Our equipment include loaders from 5 to 35 tonnes, excavators from 20 to 40 tonne with thumbs, aux hydraulics and attachments like pulverisers, hammers and plate tampers. Need a machine complete with a specialty attachment? give us a call and we will be happy to source and price that as well. We also have dozers, packers, deck scales, water trucks, vacuum equipment and much more.

Need us to do something else or do you need
Specialty Equipment?

We can help you out and have specialty equipment.