Grinding and Material Handling

City of Maple Ridge Cottonwood Yard

BC Earth Exchange has been contracted in 2021 and 2022 to provide grinding and soil blending services at the Cottonwood yard for the City of Maple Ridge.

For 2021 this project consisted of 2 stages, first was grinding and stockpiling of green waste from various city projects, second BC Earth Exchange then conglomerated those grindings with past grinding piles and reground everything a second time and piled for composting. 

For 2022 the project was expanded from grinding to include additional soil blending and stockpiling as well as slope stabilization works. 

Earthwork material placement and shaping

Abbotsford BMX Club Track Rebuild

BC Earth Exchange supplied men, equipment and materials for Abbotsford BMX Club to demolish an existing paved track corner, build a new corner with a different radius and orientation and rebuild 2 straights with different features as part of their continued efforts to upgrade their track to a world class level.  This was a challenging and unique project which is our favourite kind of project.

Archaeological Screening

Riverview Archaeological Screening

BC Earth Exchange completed numerous phases of moving and stockpiling archeological materials from excavation work as part of the redevelopment of the riverview site in Port Coquitlam.  Working with Brown and Oakes archeology and the The kʷikʷəƛ̓əm” First Nation Enterprises LP we screened over 10,000 cubic meters of archeological bearing soils as fine as ¼” finding an array of historic tools, beads and other artifacts.

Land Reclamation and Preload

Troutan / North Surrey Sport and Ice Complex

This previously undeveloped site sat on very unstable ground with a large forcemain running along the south side of the property.  Under a geotechnical engineer’s direction BC Earth Exchange loaded the site slowly with structural fill in phases over a number of years to consolidate the underlying soils and eventually leave a site that was well graded with compacted structural fill.  The site has now been developed into the North Surrey Sport and Ice Complex. 

Tsawwassen First Nation Projects

BC Earth Exchange sourced and at times also placed materials for numerous TFN/MCCI JV projects in the TFN development lands including the large greenway berm, fill and preload for what would become amazon warehouses, structural filling for a cardlock and infill of numerous other commercial and industrial parcels within the development lands.

other projects

Fill Site Management

Byrne Pond

The landowner had a pond which had formed in an old excavation where historically buried sawmill debris had been removed.  The porous pond bottom was sealed with clays after which the pond was dewatered and infilled with 55,000 cubic meters of soils and seeded, the area is now a field for grazing farm animals.

Transfer Station

Bonson Transfer Station

Working with a First nations family who had 8 acres of unserviced land which had previously been a fill site and then a paintball course, BC Earth Exchange carried out extensive site grading and drainage works, the site was then developed into a 8 acre transfer station which at one time housed aggregate resale, concrete and asphalt recycling, hydrovac and street sweeper disposal, greenwaste receiving grinding and composting, topsoil production, soil disposal, demo debris separation and recycling and a retail landscape supply business.  The site was decommissioned in 2021 when the lease was not renewed due to a pending commercial development. 

Soil Screening

UBC Screening

BC Earth Exchange has done custom onsite screening of topsoil for re-use as part of a redevelopment at the UBC endowment lands as well as screening of soils for the UBC Operations yard located a few minutes away. Soils were later re-used by the UBC operations team for various projects on the UBC Campus.

Fill Site Material Supply

Catalyst Canada Material Supply

Procurement, environmental and geotechnical review of materials, load tracking, invoicing and collecting for an infill and preload project operated by Catalyst Canada. Approximately 15,000m3 of material sourced and supplied.

Fill Site Material Supply

Fountain Contracting Material Supply

Procurement, environmental and geotechnical review of materials, load tracking, invoicing and financial collection for various infill and preload projects operated by Fountain Contracting. Approximately 20,000m3 of material sourced and supplied.