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Whether you need to break ground for construction preparation, land reclamation or habitat enhancement, The BC Earth Exchange has you covered.


Our work revolves around the Earth.

We assess the property to learn whether or not it is suitable for construction to eliminate the risk of working with contaminated soil. Paperwork is provided only for properties that are deemed environmentally safe to begin construction.

We help receiving sites get set up with permitting, project management, as well as financial and environmental management. 

We determine the best way to excavate the site. We have Hydrovac Excavation as an option when necessary to protect the ground and surrounding water supply from contamination.

We provide liaison services between the material generating and receiving sites – helping both parties achieve their goals with as little headache as possible. 

We’re always open to new projects that we may not already have to offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can support you.


Our work is driven by care for the Earth.

Preventing Contamination and Responsible Fill Management.

We take great care managing each fill site to ensure only suitable materials are deposited at our clients sites. Generating sites go through a rigorous screening process to confirm soils meet our clients specific fill site soil specifications both from an environmental and geotechnical standpoint. We also provide extensive support and services to ensure our clients sites meet and exceed regulations as laid out by the projects Qualified Environmental Professional. Erosion and Sediment Control measures are implemented and maintained by our experienced staff with regular re-evaluation and adjustments as the project progresses.


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